Our store

DropshipDragon.com was founded as a privatedly owned company in 2010. We are #1 China's leading B2B drop shipping website, with thousands of items across almost 100 catergories. In DropshipDragon, you can earn about 5 - 50% net profits for any items sold on your own websites hosted by us, and the earning potential is unlimited. All orders at DropshipDragon will be shipped by airmail for free.

We are a leading company committed to offering drop shipping services with dedicated VIP domain websites. We are the only company who combined two services together. You can own a domain (www.YourName.com) website to promote, you can also enjoy our drop shipping services at the same time. To be simple, your job is to promote your own domain website in order to generate sales. Our team of experts will take care of everything else for you, including domain hosting, customer services, email replies, order deliveries, exchanges and refund.

What is VIP domain stores

VIP domain stores are for those store owners who are serious about making money online using drop shipping services. At DropshipDragon.com, you can sell thousands of electronic gadgets and others with $0 setup costs, $0 inventory investment and free member base system, with your own brand name website. You can easily create your own brand name website and promote it. If you own a www.YourName.com domain store hosted by DropshipDragon.com, everything will be different, your visitors to your VIP domain store will be yours forever. You can send discount offers to them by emails. If they are satisfied with your store, they will definitedly re-order from your store again, and they will never be redirected back to DropshipDragon.com. As you can see, DropshipDragon.com is just a site for store owners to maintain their websites, we don't sell products through DropshipDragon.com at all. You can even upgrade your domain store to be 100% hidden from DropshipDragon.com.

Our Mission

The mission of DropshipDragon.com is to deliver the best drop shipping solutions for our VIP store owners to seize the global market in a cost-effective, time-saving and risk-averse way.